Whether asking for a raise, doing a business deal, buying a car, or even getting a child to pick up his or her toys, the basic principles, approaches, and strategies for negotiation remain the same. A skillful negotiator needs to sit on both sides of the proverbial table in order to better understand their counterpart, including considerations such as emotion, situation, urgency, history, and authority.

This fast-paced, participatory seminar looks at the three stages of the skill:


  • Due diligence—anticipating objections

  • Confidence—managing anxiety

  • Connection


  • Setting the stage for success

  • Demonstrating partnership

  • Using the “language of leadership”


  • Respecting objections

  • Understanding process

  • Setting terms

Each seminar is designed to solicit real world questions and concerns about best-practice components of negotiation and role-playing with real-time situations as time allows.

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