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Got Gravitas?

​Successful, influential leaders send powerful messages that signal confidence, connection, and caring. They develop trusting relationships and make intentional choices.

Do you need to enhance your presence, polish your communication skills, or manage your team more effectively? If you do, let me help.

Combining tough love, sweet talk, and strategy, we partner to create a customized and concentrated coaching plan that focuses on what you might do more of, less of, or differently.

For your employees and professional organizations, I offer dynamic keynotes, trainings and awareness-building seminars such as:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Building Trust and Influence

  • Remote Quotient: Managing Teams Online

  • The Venus Vortex: Success Strategies for Female Executives

  • Persuasive Presentation: Bringing Content to Life

Retention Rx
An Inclusive Prescription for the Resignation Crisis

The most critical competitive advantage? Making everyone feel they matter. Especially virtually.

And that’s the manager’s job.

But effective management sometimes needs help to get right.

Retention Rx is a dynamic, interactive, and customized seminar to help leaders engage employees by:

  • Communicating inclusively

  • Leading creatively when remote

  • Making it safe for everyone to speak up


I’ll share specific communication and relationship management techniques and together we’ll

create an expectations matrix: What teams and their leaders expect of each other, their firms, and themselves..

And there’s a bonus from better engagement: More motivated teams…greater process efficiency…increased creativity…improved morale…and Retention


Need a Retention Rx? Let’s talk.


“Raleigh is a combination consultant, coach, and business therapist: Hiring her is like investing in leadership insurance.”

— Amy C. Edmondson, Novartis Professor of Leadership and Management,
Harvard Business School

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