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Persuasive Presentation Techniques: A Complete Private Coaching Program

Powerful, persuasive presentation is a required skill for any executive interacting with business and consumer, and internal publics, yet many professionals are intimidated—if not terrified—by the prospect of delivering their message directly to a live audience.

Since successful communication is the cornerstone of any career, this customized, private, and personal development platform was designed to prepare all levels of executives to be more effective when speaking in public, participating in meetings, and giving presentations to groups.

The three-part coaching program will include techniques for and coaching on:


  • Developing content effectively

  • Maximizing physical settings

  • Improving speaker confidence

  • Effective non-verbal behaviors

  • Engaging and reading an audience

  • Enhancing vocal dimension

  • Managing distraction or interruption

  • Utilizing audio/visual and related props

  • Handling questions

  • Speaking extemporaneously

Each program element is customized according to presenter level, professional environment, and personal goals.

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