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Digital Presence and Electronic Etiquette

How to maximize electronic visibility and the connection to career success, by managing your public portfolio from email to social media—and telephone technique. We’ll cover how to maximize reputation and visibility online, as well as integrating digital communications with your off-line-activities—how to be current, consistent, and smart.

Crisis-Proofing Your Managers: Effective and Appropriate Communication and Relationship Management

Relationships are everything in the office environment. Ignoring their impact invites risk.


Communication—clear, cordial, and considerate—is the cornerstone of a healthy business culture, and promotes morale, motivation, and loyalty

This case study-style seminar focuses on managing with optimal communication style, as well as how to listen, respond to, and include employees and teams to support success.


Natural Networking™: An Interactive Seminar

This hands-on, fully participatory workshop provides many practical tips to make one more comfortable, more memorable, and more effective in a variety of settings where the ability to make connections is the key to personal and professional success. The program includes role-play, a survey of social skills for the business environment, and the opportunity to create a powerful and persuasive personal “boilerplate” (elevator speech) for use in a variety of professional interactions and settings.

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