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A Roadmap to Your Goal Role:


Career Acceleration Coaching will help you:

  • Identify your ideal next role, one that will allow you to reach your goal with the fewest intermediate steps

  • Arrange exploratory meetings with handpicked leaders in your chosen organizations

  • Prepare for the formal and informal interview process so thoroughly that you will be chosen—even among candidates with more subject matter expertise

  • Develop a more powerful personal presentation

Complete Career Coaching may include:

  • Image assessment and guidance on personal presence and nonverbal messaging

  • Training on powerful presentation and communication technique

  • Polishing interview skills with video playback

  • Communication audit of interaction on and off-line

  • Identifying a clear positioning of your value

  • Developing consistent messaging at every level and platform

Complete Career Acceleration | Raleigh Mayer Consulting, Inc. | New York

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