Seminars and Keynotes

Raleigh offers a range of dynamic, fast-paced, and highly participatory workshops and presentations, focusing on best-practice business and polished leadership skills.

Each delivery is customized for the specific audience, and can be designed and scaled for any size group, or centered on female leadership for internal networks.

Raleigh keeps the tone light even when the subject is serious, and every program is presented in a conversational, collaborative style.

Getting to Gravitas Core Curriculum (10-

Seminars and Keynotes


Getting to Gravitas™: Developing a More Powerful Presence

Project the confidence and conviction of an effective leader, in high-stakes situations and beyond. Executives of all levels will benefit from learning to identify and practice verbal and non-verbal techniques that will enhance any presentation or communication interaction both internal and external. This dynamic, highly participatory program helps professionals organize content, speak compellingly, present powerfully, and control anxiety and emotion.

The Seven “Ups”™ of Successful Leaders: Dress Up, Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Listen  Up, Lighten Up, Follow Up

Now more than ever, it is critical for executives competing and performing in the business world to be confident, deliberate, and strategic in their personal packaging, social interactions, and professional introductions. Effective communication style, polished image, and positive attitude are the keys to successful interviewing, business presentation, and organizational performance. This content-rich and highly participatory workshop is designed to identify best-practice business behaviors to guide professionals to create dynamic and intentional impressions, develop a persuasive public persona, and manage relationships advantageously.

Raising Your RQ (Remote Quotient)™

We are now living in an exclusively virtual world. This happened fast, and many people are unused to or uncomfortable using digital platforms. In addition, the current volume of communication through familiar channels—phone and email contact—has increased exponentially but not necessarily advantageously. This dynamic seminar, delivered conversationally to encourage participation, outlines the neuroscience involved in virtual engagement, as well as physical and psychological implications, the importance of performance when communicating with stakeholders, and the impact of organization and tone of content. The goal is to build awareness by identifying specific opportunities and techniques that result in more powerful impressions and more effective presentations and messages, specifically: stage management for video, facilitating groups online, and efficient email.


Negotiation -- Conflict or Collaboration

Whether asking for a raise, doing a business deal, buying a car, or even getting a child to pick up his or her toys, the basic principles, approaches, and strategies for negotiation remain the same. A skillful negotiator needs to sit on both sides of the proverbial table in order to better understand their counterpart, including considerations such as emotion, situation, urgency, history, and authority.

This fast-paced, participatory seminar looks at the three stages of the skill:

Due diligence—anticipating objections Confidence—managing anxiety Connection
Engagement: Setting the stage for success Demonstrating partnership Using the “language of leadership”
Agreement: Respecting objections Understanding process Setting terms


Making The Most of Change™: How to Manage, Motivate, and Communicate

Change is a constant in the current business environment, and ignoring its impact invites risk. But a potential crisis, or unpopular development, can also be an opportunity. This case-study style seminar focuses on framing to influence impact and outcomes of change, as well as how to listen, respond to, and include teams in making adjustments and contributions that support success.

Persuasive Presentation™ Coaching

Conference room or auditorium? Roving microphone or podium? PowerPoint or conversation? A complex presentation must be carefully staged for maximum impact. We will work together to help you organize content and use strategic stagecraft for optimal effect. Each session is tailored to the needs of the client and includes a combination of instruction, presentation practice, and a critique of videotape featuring the participant. (Can be adapted for group delivery.)

Decoding the Gender Dialects™: Bridging the Gap

One key to best-practice communication management, both verbal and non-verbal, is to become more comfortable, open, and effective when working with the opposite sex. This practical seminar will examine both male and female communication styles, and assess how gender-specific characteristics can be identified, and either employed or avoided to best leverage careers. We’ll look at gender tendencies in verbal and non-verbal language, content, delivery, and personal presentation, and evaluate participants’ own styles.


Digital Presence and Electronic Etiquette

How to maximize electronic visibility and the connection to career success, by managing your public portfolio from email to social media—and telephone technique. We’ll cover how to maximize reputation and visibility online, as well as integrating digital communications with your off-line-activities—how to be current, consistent, and smart.

Crisis-Proofing Your Managers: Effective and Appropriate Communication and Relationship Management

Relationships are everything in the office environment. Ignoring their impact invites risk.
Communication—clear, cordial, and considerate—is the cornerstone of a healthy business culture, and promotes morale, motivation, and loyalty This case study-style seminar focuses on managing with optimal communication style, as well as how to listen, respond to, and include employees and teams to support success.

Natural Networking™: An Interactive Seminar

This hands-on, fully participatory workshop provides many practical tips to make one more comfortable, more memorable, and more effective in a variety of settings where the ability to make connections is the key to personal and professional success. The program includes role-play, a survey of social skills for the business environment, and the opportunity to create a powerful and persuasive personal “boilerplate” (elevator speech) for use in a variety of professional interactions and settings.