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Getting to Gravitas™: Developing a More Powerful Presence

Project the confidence and conviction of an effective leader, in high-stakes situations and beyond. Executives of all levels will benefit from learning to identify and practice verbal and non-verbal techniques that will enhance any presentation or communication interaction both internal and external. This dynamic, highly participatory program helps professionals organize content, speak compellingly, present powerfully, and control anxiety and emotion.

The Seven “Ups”™ of Successful Leaders: Dress Up, Show Up, Stand Up, Speak Up, Listen  Up, Lighten Up, Follow Up

Now more than ever, it is critical for executives competing and performing in the business world to be confident, deliberate, and strategic in their personal packaging, social interactions, and professional introductions. Effective communication style, polished image, and positive attitude are the keys to successful interviewing, business presentation, and organizational performance. This content-rich and highly participatory workshop is designed to identify best-practice business behaviors to guide professionals to create dynamic and intentional impressions, develop a persuasive public persona, and manage relationships advantageously.

Raising Your RQ (Remote Quotient) 

We are now living in an exclusively virtual world. This happened fast, and many people are unused to or uncomfortable using digital platforms. In addition, the current volume of communication through familiar channels—phone and email contact—has increased exponentially but not necessarily advantageously. This dynamic seminar, delivered conversationally to encourage participation, outlines the neuroscience involved in virtual engagement, as well as physical and psychological implications, the importance of performance when communicating with stakeholders, and the impact of organization and tone of content. The goal is to build awareness by identifying specific opportunities and techniques that result in more powerful impressions and more effective presentations and messages, specifically: stage management for video, facilitating groups online, and efficient email.

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